Resources for Families, Youth/Teens - Coping with Loss, Grief

The social-emotional health of all West Springfield Public Schools students is a very important component of our commitment to educate the whole child.  To that end, we have compiled a list of resources for families and youth/teens on coping with loss, death and grief.  We hope this information is helpful, as the WSPS community copes with the loss of a member of our staff who passed away unexpectedly on March 23.

  • How Children Understand Death and What You Should Say ( - THIS LINK
  • Helping Children Cope with Loss, Grief (National Association of School Psychologists) - THIS LINK
  • Helping Children, Teens and Young Adults Cope with Death and Grief ( - THIS LINK
  • How to Help a Grieving Teen (The Dougy Center) - THIS LINK