New HS Traffic/Transportation Plan & Photo



    Beginning on February 25, 2014, students, faculty and staff will transition from the current West Springfield High School to the new building.  A plan to address student parking, busing and drop off/pick up of students has been developed by school administration, and it has been reviewed with the students and staff as well as the police and fire departments.  Below are key points for students and families to keep in mind.


Students with school-issued parking stickers who plan to drive to school will park in the Clark Field parking lot.  A crossing guard will be on duty on Amostown Road at the entrance to Clark Field, both in the morning for arrival and in the afternoon at dismissal time.  Students who park at Clark Field must walk down the paved driveway along Clark Field (between field and maintenance building) to the stairway behind the new school and around to the front/main entrance door.  Designated parking for people with disabilities can be accessed from the bus loop.

Entering the School  

All students must enter through the front door.  This might change as the project evolves and construction is taking place at the front of the building.  The doors to the school lock at 7:20 a.m. as always, so students should plan accordingly and be on time.


Students who take the bus will be picked up and dropped off in the circle outside of the new high school.  Students may enter through the front/main entrance only.

Student Drop Off

Student drop off will occur in the current driveway.  Vehicles that drop students off in the morning or pick up students at dismissal time must enter the school driveway from Piper Road and proceed to the area outside of the current school gym lobby.  Students will then walk to the front entrance of the school.  

    Please note that there will be only one entrance and exit into the school driveway, thus a two-way traffic pattern will be in effect.  A crossing guard will be on duty at the driveway at 425 Piper Road to assist with traffic flow and ensure safety in the morning before school and in the afternoon at dismissal time.  A map outlining the route for student drop off and pick up will be posted here soon, as well as on the high school website (accessible by clicking ‘Our Schools’ then ‘West Springfield High School’).

    We appreciate your support as we get acclimated to the traffic and transportation flow at the new school.  Please contact Superintendent Russell Johnston at 263-3300 or Assistant Superintendent Kevin McQuillan at 263-3298 with questions.  The aerial below will help identify key areas and directions pertaining to the traffic flow.